Masterblend Completes $2.6 Million Facility Expansion

Masterblend Completes $2.6 Million Facility Expansion

Since its move in early 2010 to Morris, Ill., Masterblend International and its Tyler Enterprises Division have invested more than $2.6 million in facility and productivity improvements to streamline and expand fertilizer manufacturing and blending operations, as well as warehouse and office space.

The previous location in Ellwood, Ill., which was comprised of several small, older buildings, was inefficient and limited the ability to expand. The new 55,000-square-foot facility brings marked increases in efficiency by hosting every aspect of the operation, including manufacturing, precision blending and packaging, as well as having warehouse space and office staff under one roof.


The new location also boasts dedicated CSX rail service, a river terminal within five miles and easy access to major freeways.

Investments in blending, packaging and bagging automation systems have also provided benefits by allowing for the ability to double previous production volumes and slash employee hands-on time.

“We found that our customers want to be sure we have the flexibility and capability to produce at the levels they require,” says Mark Jeffries, vice president and chief operating officer. “We have found this especially true for our larger private label customers who must react swiftly to varying consumer demand. They need to know we can alter production levels and deliver the volume of product they need, when they need it. Our old facility simply wouldn’t allow for this type of production agility.”

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