Greenhouse Equipment And Automation For Every Size Operation

Greenhouse Equipment And Automation For Every Size Operation

M-LS System

M-LS System Harvesting Trolley from FormFlex


The M-LS System from FormFlex, technically known as the Metazet Labour Saving System, is a new harvesting trolley, which makes it possible to put the harvested product at a working height. This makes harvesting easier and boasts optimal ergonomics. Added benefits include a more uniform fill of the container and a decrease in potential product damage. The M-LS’s holder for empty containers makes grabbing new containers easy and quick. This allows for a labor savings of 15 to 25 percent. The M-LS System is a fully mechanical system. There is no need to use batteries or other energy sources.

GreenPower LED Lights from Philips


Philips GreenPower LED interlighting is a great example of the new possibilities with LED. The combination of LED interlighting and high-pressure sodium creates a flexible lighting system that provides optimum control over the plant’s growth process. This gives you greater control over the position of the light (between the plants), intensity of the light and temperature in the greenhouse. This results in more efficient plant production and considerable energy savings.

TXPSX Thermal Printer from SATO America Inc.


The TXPSX model thermal printer from SATO America, Inc., is available in 4-inch (203 dpi) or 5-inch (300 dpi) print widths. The TXPSX handles 10-inch-wide tags with ease and can print on material thickness up to 24 millimeters at speeds up to 10 inches per second.

Slant Wall And Box Fans from Schaefer Ventilation


Schaefer Ventilation has a full line of high cfm output galvanized slant wall and box fans. Models range in size from 24 to 48 inches, and are built with heavy-gauge galvanized aluminum, cast iron pillow blocks, automatic belt tensioners and totally enclosed motors that are energy efficient. They come with an aluminum shutter and are fully assembled and ready for install. The narrow profile fiberglass flush mount exhaust series carries a 15-year limited housing warranty.

EP 2200 potting machine from Bouldin & Lawson


The EP 2200 potting machine from Bouldin & Lawson fills and drills from 1 to 7 gallon pots. Changeover from one pot size to another is quick and simple. No pot holders are required. The EP 2200 has power sweeps and a rotary brush, same as a standard flat filler, allowing you to fill pots, flats and cell trays. The machine allows for 16-inch clearance for tall pots. Extended auger-style soil return allows for the heaviest soil filling conditions. Other features include a direct-drive gearbox for low maintenance, one crank handle adjustment for speedy changeover, swing-out brush assembly for easy adjustment and an adjustable soil diverter to match tray and pot width up to 18 inches wide by 16 inches tall.

One Touch Valve from Dramm


The new Dramm One Touch Valve gives you water flow control with one touch of your thumb. This durable valve allows for full flow while accommodating easy adjustment of the water flow. Full water flow is 11 gpm at 40 psi, saving time and water when you move from plant to plant. Made from a durable zinc die-cast body with a rubber over mold and brass thread, the One Touch Valve is for professional use. Nylon valve components ensure a long life without leaking.

Biomass steam and hot water boilers and direct-fired STAG units from Hurst Biomass


Biomass steam and hot water boilers and direct-fired STAG units from Hurst Biomass offer solid fuel combustion, allowing mechanical replacement of fuel with the least amount of moving parts. Various configurations use a wide selection of solid fuels. All Hurst factory stokers are cast from the high-quality steel alloys and are mounted on a robust undercarriage system. Units are capable of burning wood, coal, bark, construction debris, nuts, shells, husks, paper, card/board products, hog fuel, sawdust, shavings, sludge and agricultural biomass. The Hurst Biomass-TER features a CO2 Neutral Release and an integrated PLC-based total systems monitoring.

Label Gator Printers


Achieve the demand of big box retailers with in-line, bar code printing. With label inventories expanding to unmanageable varieties, and labor forces becoming smaller, Label Gator Systems have been specifically developed for the horticultural industry.  Fast, dependable components make it invaluable in today’s market. Manage bar code data, print labels, convey materials and apply labels all from one station with one operator.

PTP-series gas-fired unit heater from Modine Manufacturing


The PTP-series gas-fired unit heater from Modine Manufacturing is a horizontal discharge unit heater that delivers 80 percent thermal efficiency in a robust package of design features. It includes a stainless steel tubular heat exchanger as standard on all units. The PTP also carries a 10-year heat exchanger warranty. All units are made in the United States.