GROW Summit 2013

December 2, 2013

GROW Summit 2013 Focuses On Engaging The Next Generation

As an industry, we must change the mindsets of our existing and potential customers. We also need to do some rethinking of our own. That was the prevailing message of Greenhouse Grower’s second GROW Summit.

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November 20, 2013

National Floriculture Forum 2014 Planned For May 13-14, 2014, In Winnipeg, Manitoba

NFF is an educational meeting of university professors, Extension specialists and educators, graduate students, government scientists and industry leaders in floriculture that has been held annually for more than a decade.

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Allan Armitage

November 1, 2013

Field Trials Help Deliver The Right Plant For Every Customer [Opinion]

Finding the right plants that will make consumers happy and keep them coming back for more is the benefit of an increasing number of industry trials — and it’s the benefit of having people like Allan Armitage.

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Bioworks logo

October 28, 2013

David Roberts Wins BioWorks IPM/Sustainable Practices Scholarship

David Roberts is the recipient of the American Floral Endowment’s BioWorks IPM/Sustainable Practices Scholarship. Student candidates for the scholarship were evaluated on the basis of sound academic performance and a grade point average of 3.0 or better. Roberts is a graduate student at North Carolina State University and hopes to one day earn his Ph.D. and dedicate his life to researching and teaching. “I plan to one day give back to the academic community that has already done so much for me,” Roberts says. “Nothing would make me happier than working for a land-grant university like NC State and until that day, I will pour all of my efforts and energies into achieving that goal.” The BioWorks IPM/Sustainable Practices Scholarship is intended for sophomore, junior or senior students pursuing a career in floriculture. While it is not mandatory, it is strongly desired that the student be interested in furthering the […]

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October 22, 2013

How To Appeal To Small-Space Gardeners

If today is any indicator, the future consumer of garden products may be looking for something that takes up a little less space. Sister publication Today’s Garden Center is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month with a look at the future of garden retail, including the products that gardeners will want. In 5 Ways To Appeal To Customers With Small Spaces, John Haskins of home décor retailer Jayson Home shared advice on how to succeed with this customer segment. Here’s a few pieces of his advice: 1. Carry containers that can sit outside all year with little maintenance. In Chicago, fiberglass and resin containers work best as they don’t crack from the winter freeze/thaw cycle and are lightweight enough to go on balconies and rooftops. 2. Trees and shrubs offer four-season interest. Dwarf evergreens like mugo pine standards, hinoki cypress and dwarf blue spruce are some of the options Jayson Home […]

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October 17, 2013

How Does Gen Y Buy?

The next generation of consumers makes buying decisions differently than their predecessors. How can our industry adapt? Here's what you need to know.

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October 17, 2013

Industry, Academia Work Together To Inspire Future Generations Of Breeders

Coleus is inspiring a fresh generation of scientists at university programs dedicated to providing new genetics for the industry. David Clark, a professor in the environmental horticulture department at the University of Florida (UF), heads up the Coleus Breeding Program. It is part of the UF Plant Innovation Program, which has between 400 and 600 students enrolled. The coleus program has licensed out more than two dozen varieties since 2006, including a number of very popular varieties to Proven Winners, Ball Horticultural Co. and other companies, and the program continues to grow as a result. “We’re not a business; we’re a university, but it’s good to be able to provide the industry with a source of genetics,” Clark says. “Over time, varieties are getting better and better. We have good students working on breeding new coleus, and the university values the program because it’s growing. “I can’t emphasize enough how […]

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October 17, 2013

Recruiting Future Floriculture Students With The American Floral Endowment

Inspiring future generations to cultivate a passion for flowers and plants, much less aspire to pursue a career in the floriculture or environmental horticulture industries, can sometimes seem like a monumental task. However, it is a task the industry must collectively adopt to ensure future generations experience a world where flowers and plants continue to improve everyday life in diverse and important ways. While scholarships and internships are time-tested and essential for the next generation to become great leaders, the industry must also focus on ways to capture young people who may not yet even know about their career options in floriculture or horticulture. Recruiting students is essential to securing a stronger, sustainable industry for future generations, and to increase enrollment, students must first know university programs actually exist to prepare them for excellence in the industry. Increasing awareness about floriculture and horticulture, especially the fact that students who graduate […]

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October 14, 2013

Marketing Is A Moving Target — How Will You Cultivate New Customers?

Marketing isn't an area you should be ignoring — it's where you should be trying to improve.

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October 10, 2013

Horticulture Student Kellie Walters Named 2013-2014 Shinoda Scholar Of The Year

Kellie Walters of Iowa State University has been named the recipient of the prestigious Shinoda Scholar of the Year award for 2013-14. “Students like Kellie represent the true potential of horticulture’s growth,” says Paul Ecke III, president of the Shinoda Foundation. “The Shinoda Scholar of the Year award recognizes the unique accomplishments and abilities that she and students like her bring to our industry.” After graduating with a horticulture degree from Iowa State University, Kellie plans to pursue a career in commercial greenhouse floriculture production, with a goal of advancing to a greenhouse management position. “Kellie grew up on a farm and has developed an excellent work ethic,” a teacher says of the 20-year-old junior. “She is a respectful, enthusiastic and motivated young woman who will accomplish much during her professional career.” In addition to her horticulture academic studies, Kellie continues to expand her knowledge and education, completing several internships, […]

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September 17, 2013

Atlanta Braves And PNC Bank Team Up For Grow Up Great Gardening Event

The Atlanta Braves partnered with a local preschool and community development non-profit City of Refuge for PNC’s Grow Up Great Gardening program, which aims to teach kids where their food comes from and how to eat healthy. Preschoolers harvested herbs and peppers, picked cherry tomatoes, dug for worms, fed fish in the greenhouse and interacted with hissing cockroaches at the City of Refuge’s gardening center. Another activity taught the kids how different produce like apples, carrots and celery can be used to make a healthy juice. The day finished off with Braves David Carpenter encouraging the children to eat healthy and play outside. “The Atlanta Braves organization understands the importance of healthy living and the value of nutritional foods. It is vital to ensure our next generation has the knowledge and tools necessary to carry out healthy and abundant lifestyles,” says Ericka Newsome-Hill, director of community affairs for the Atlanta Braves, […]

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